We at ISEE Career Solutions believe that is it very important for our job seekers to understand what to expect when applying for one of our clients’ positions. Here are some facts about the ISEE Career Solutions process:

  • ISEE Career Solutions’ services are always FREE for job seekers.

    All fees are paid for by our clients seeking to fill open positions. From the moment you submit your application to the day you are hired, you won’t owe us a penny. ISEE Career Solutions also offers career advice at no cost for job seekers.

  • ISEE Career Solutions will NOT conduct an interview for every job seeker.

    ISEE Career Solutions will review your resume and determine whether your skills and qualifications align with what our clients are looking for.

  • ISEE Career Solutions will want to KNOW A LOT about you if you are selected for an interview.

    If you reside near our offices, you will be invited to our physical location and be asked to complete an extensive application and have a personal interview with one of our consultants. However, if you live far away from our offices, ISEE Career Solutions will conduct a webcam-based interview to get to know you better.

  • ISEE Career Solutions will NOT GUARANTEE to find your job.

    As you may know, the job market is highly competitive these days. Thus, getting the initial interview with ISEE Career Solutions does not guarantee that you will be hired by the client. So please, do not feel bad if you are not hired for the position you applied for.

  • ISEE Career Solutions will KEEP your application and resume in our database if we are unable to place you the first time around

    If you see a new position listed on our site that seems to suit your qualifications, and we have not contacted you, we encourage you to contact us. Many years of experience have taught us that the market changes continually, so although you may not have been placed today, that could easily change in the near future.