ISEE Career Solutions, Inc. is a recruiting company founded by a Human Resources doctorate and professional in 2013, based in the Chicagoland area. Since its founding, ISEE Careers has been providing employment solutions for both bilingual job seekers as well as employers seeking to increase their teams' diversity.

We have a growing database of Korean-American and other skilled candidates hailing from Asia and work closely with corporations that offer employment opportunities within a diverse set of industries. ISEE has, for nearly a decade, identified and matched top talent with both SMEs and large companies. Our team is dedicated to this pursuit and will continue to both expand our services and meet and exceed client expectations.


While working with us, you will

  • Have access to more opportunities in your area(s) of expertise
  • Get connected to our most trusted and valued client partners
  • Gain advice and skills training to help you advance in your chosen career
  • Develop your expertise, manage your career path and improve your career standing
  • Gain tips on how to strengthen your foundational skills and articulate your core values
  • Be advised on potential career path roadmaps and changes


We understand the many difficulties that HR directors can experience today when searching for the best talent. Knowing this, we serve our clients with executive searches, recruitment from entry- to mid-level management positions, personnel staffing, and J-1 internships.


We also provide corporate recruiting services on a contingency basis. This program is ideal for entry-level positions, as we perform all the preliminary candidate screenings, resume reviews, and personal interviews to provide a pool of candidates that meet the client’s specific criteria.


ISEE Career Solutions helps Korean university students, recent graduates, and young professionals have the opportunity to become an intern or trainee with a U.S. business. These structured and guided work-based learning programs offer the chance for cultural immersion in the United States and professional development in the intern or trainee's specific academic or occupational field.


Our contract-to-hire model offers clients the flexibility to meet immediate demands while longer-term plans are being finalized. Candidates also appreciate such opportunities to showcase their skills. With our connections to highly talented professionals, we can quickly identify the contract-to-hire resources you need. We offer support in the following areas:

Software Development & Databases Web & Mobile Applications
Accounting Manufacturing
Logistics Office Management


ISEE Career Solutions provides solutions to our clients’ specific needs and our candidates’ unique career goals in various industries, and we are constantly expanding our knowledge and deepening our expertise in the following industries:

Accounting/Finance Graphic Design Logistics
Business HR Marketing and Sales
Customer Support International Business Network Engineering
Chemicals International Trade Translation and Interpretation
Engineering Legal Services Web Design and Development